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Play Meets Code with Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit

Let Kids Explore Their Creativity and Become Inventors

The Makeblock Neuron Explorer kit offers opportunities to help children learn to code by building and programming their own electronic gadgets. Coding has never been this fun! Exclusively Available at Apple.com.


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Get Started Coding with Swift Playgrounds

Designed to make learning Swift coding fun and engaging, the kit gives kids the power to create almost anything using a series of programmable electronic blocks that function as sensors, lights, sounds, and motors. Neuron Explorer Kit gives a way for children to express their own imagination.



Fun and Creative projects

Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit is a treasure trove of possibilities. 12 programmable electronic modules, 4 unique templates and intuitive building guides are included with the kit, so that you and your children can get started building your first projects – a car, piano, ukulele, or LED Jedi sword.

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Powerful Learning Resources

With Apple’s Swift Playgrounds app for iPad, you can subscribe to Neuron Playground to unlock more than 30 fun courses and activities! The lessons combine physical and digital construction for an engaging user experience. You can also download mBlock 5 desktop software on your Mac or PC to explore even more advanced programming languages, including Python.

Safety and Durability Guaranteed

The Explorer Kit’s blocks are child-friendly thanks to their rounded corners and simplified physical design, and all electronic components are encased in PC+ABS composite materials. This ensures the safety of our users and protects them from direct contact with any metal component.

“It is a really fun and easy way to build robots and gadgets and is one of the best educational toys we have ever seen. ”


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International Design Awards and Recognition

Makeblock Neuron has been presented with a variety of awards by the international industrial design community. They include the German iF International Design Award, the German Red Dot Design Award, and the CES Innovation Award.


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